Fix that Addresses Issues with SVCHOST.EXE and Windows Update / Microsoft Update

Just received the following that is related to the SVCHOST issues that I've written about in the past...

MS has released "Microsoft Security Advisory (927891) - Fix for Windows Installer (MSI)" that's not really a direct security concern, but actually addresses concerns that might prevent people from getting critical security or other updates.

As previously mentioned, it involves MS KB 927891 - "You receive an access violation error and the system may appear to become unresponsive when you try to install an update from Windows Update or from Microsoft Update", and the current revision of the article (8.0) states "This fix is one component of a two-part fix that includes a Windows Update client software update. These updates will be deployed automatically using Windows Update in May 2007 and June 2007."

Again, this update is one of two that need to be applied to fully address the issue. The other update is version 3.0 of the Windows Update Client Software, available from MS KB 932494, "When you use Automatic Updates to scan for updates or to apply updates to applications that use Windows Installer, you experience issues that involve the Svchost.exe process".

One can also hope that this will help address the 0x8ddd0009 problems that MANY have been experiencing...


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