More on NTFS Alternate Data Streams (ADS)

With my recent antics involving NTFS Alternate Data Streams (ADS), I had an idea for an application. None of the tools I have used or heard of offered the ability to extract a stream from a file or folder and save it as a "stand-alone" file. Integrated viewing / inspection / editing of the streams ala "Fiddler" would also be quite cool. And of course, the ability to append a stream to a file or folder, or copy / move a stream from one "host" to another could come in handy in certain situations.

Strange it was then that I accidentally stumbled across a utility published recently by PC Magazine called Stream Revealer. Stream Revealer seems to have many of these features. It includes the ability to "View" streams in Text / Hex, the ability to extract streams, and the ability to attach a stream to a file. It also integrates with FileSnoop, another PC Magazine utiltity that allows one to "snoop" or preview the contents of a file.

I haven't used the utility as it costs $7.97 to download unless one has a PC Magazine "Utility Library" subscription. Still, if / when one needs the features described above, $7.97 is a heckuva lot cheaper than it would cost to develop the utility one's self...

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Anonymous said...

Try Stream Explorer

It is free an very cool.