Virtualization, Applied to Wireless Networking

I've been using wireless networking for a couple of years now. I have a few wireless routers on my network, and often while troubleshooting various connectivity issues (is it related to the environment, or to the settings on the router, or is it a driver issue, or...) I've wished for the ability to connect to multiple wireless networks simultaneously. Without having to have a separate wireless card for each wireless network. Looks like Microsoft Research is working on a project that allows one to do just that.

The project is called "Virtual WiFi", and sounds pretty cool. The current implementation is a functional prototype and doesn't have certain features yet, but the basic functionality is there. WEP or 802.1x is not supported yet, and support for multiple cards has not been fully implemented (driver supports it, "user level code"/"VirtualWiFi service" does not).

A Virtual WiFi FAQ can be found here, and the Virtual WiFi software can be downloaded here.

Have to wonder a bit about the potential ramifications of this software on security - what happens when one connects the wireless card to an unsecured "public" network AND the corporate wireless network? I suppose, that's not much different than connecting to the wired corporate network and using the wireless card to connect to an unsecured public network...

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