What's the point?

I am aware that this is a rather low-traffic blog. I never set out to make this a high-traffic, vigintillion-visitor place. No big deal. I do this for a few reasons...

I like it. I like exploring things and reporting my findings. Sometimes I get to dig deep into something. Other times something just strikes my fancy and I want to say "Hey - check this out."

I also use this blog as a form of documentation. I write about problems I have encountered, etc. I like troubleshooting problems. The solution to a problem isn't as helpful as it could be if it's withheld. I'm a details kind of person, so I tend to want to provide as much background and detail as possible about the situation I am describing. Odds are, I or someone else will run into the problem or situation again. When / if that happens, I can go back and find out what I did, what conclusion I came to, and how I got there.

They also say "the sound of your own voice must soothe you", so there may be some of that going on... ;)

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