Exporting and importing groups with Avant Browser

I use Avant Browser on multple systems. While it offers the ability to import groups, it appears to only supoprt "CaptorGroup files" (*.cgp). And there's no built-in way to export a group or groups. Sometimes, I need to get groups from one system onto another. Since Avant Browser stores groups in a "groups.dat" file located in <%userprofile%\Application Data\Avant Browser\>, I can just grab the group or groups I need out of groups.dat, save them to an intermediate file, ensure that the "G" value is unique for the target system, and append the group or groups to the groups.dat file on the target system.

A sample section from groups.dat looks like the following. The aforementioned "G" value is "G10" below.
NAME1=Url Name 1
NAME2=Url Name 2

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